Code with Minecraft for Computer Science Education Week

is almost here, and we’re more excited than ever about teaching students to code with Minecraft. Schools, nonprofits, and Microsoft Stores around the world are running Hour of Code events as people of all ages learn the basics of coding. The new lesson aligns with this year’s theme, Computer Science for Good6d彩票开户登陆. Learn how coding can help build a better world—in just one hour!

For the first time, the Minecraft Hour of Code is available for free in Minecraft: Education Edition in more than 20 languages. Students will explore coding and artificial intelligence as they protect a village from forest fires in an immersive Minecraft world. The lesson is based on a real-world example of AI used for conservation, inspired by a Microsoft project.

6d彩票开户登陆Anyone with a Windows device, Mac, or iPad can download the app and try coding in Minecraft—no license required. If you’re licensed through Office 365, you can sign in with your school account. If you haven’t had access to Minecraft: Education Edition in the past, this is a simple and fun way to give it a try!


Here are some helpful resources we’ve assembled to make sure your experience goes smoothly:

  • For new users: Minecraft: Education Edition. When you open the app, start the demo lesson to enter the Hour of Code world and start coding!
  • For licensed users: If you’re already of Minecraft: Education Edition, the lesson will be in your in-game library. But if you’d like help making sure you’re using the right version of the game or your IT admin has questions, .
  • Lesson plan: Once you’re all set up, head to the Hour of Code to find the lesson plan in more than 20 languages and a solutions guide. Watch the for a full tour of the lesson.
  • Further support: For further support, here’s a step-by-step guide to the entire experience of . To answer any lingering questions, .

There are lots of ways you can get involved in Computer Science Education Week in addition to facilitating an Hour of Code in your classroom or community:

  • Visit for four free online tutorials that take place in fun Minecraft worlds.
  • If you’re in the United States, UK, Australia, or Canada, sign up for an at your local Microsoft Store.
  • Do this free on the Microsoft Educator Community platform.


6d彩票开户登陆It’s important that we create opportunities for students to explore Computer Science—not only because future jobs will require these skills, but also to ensure students don’t get left behind when it comes to STEM education. Minecraft engages students of all ages in STEM, and the tool allows learners to use block-based coding and JavaScript, then see their code come to life in-game.

Minecraft: Education Edition offers tons of resources to help teachers and students get started with computer science, from and teacher training to 50 hours of CSTA-based curriculum. Discover how you can teach coding across the curriculum and inspire students to go beyond an Hour of Code in Minecraft.

6d彩票开户登陆We can’t wait for a week of learning, exploration, and inspiring students to build a better world with the power of code!