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Minecraft Education Edition Badges

Earn badges by being an active supporter of Minecraft and game-based learning. The first two support active participants helping Minecraft grow and thrive around the world. More badges are coming!

Minecraft Global Mentor

Earned by a limited group of users going above and beyond, this badge is awarded via an application process.

6d彩票开户登陆Minecraft Certified Trainer

Earned by a limited group of users going above and beyond, this badge is awarded via an application process.

Minecraft Community Member

6d彩票开户登陆Earned by Sign up for Newsletter

Learn and Share With the Minecraft Education Community

Join our global community of passionate educators to discover the power of Minecraft: Education Edition in your classroom. Meet and learn from fellow educators, gain access to new lessons and teaching resources, and bring immersive learning to your students.

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“Minecraft mentors are passionate educators who empower our 21st century learners.”

Kristopher Sandberg, Grade 6-7 teacher, Ontario, Canada

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It’s time for Back to School! We’re excited to see how you use Minecraft: Education Edition in your classrooms this school year. Share your ideas with us, and with the global Minecraft educator community, on social media at @PlayCraftLearn #MinecraftEdu.

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Unlock these community badges by connecting to others and completing Minecraft: Education Edition trainings. Use badges to engage in the Minecraft community and share your experience.

Get Certified

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Minecraft Education | 6d彩票开户登陆

Research shows a 12% increase in learning outcomes through game based activities. shares how she uses for Ss to express their learning and creativity connected to standards. See more... Retweeted by

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如果你想了解在中国发行的Minecraft我的世界教育版,请访问我们的中国官方网站. 你也可以留在 hljyzx.cn了解世界其他地方如何使用Minecraft: Education Edition.